• I support Town Hall Meetings and effective communication, collaboration and cooperation.
  • I support constituents taking ownership in their communities.  

Health Care

  • I support every person having the right to quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare, no matter their age, gender, zip code or race. *Those that have private can insurance can continue with what they have if they so chose.  
  • ​I support expanding and providing comprehensive care in our rural areas.


  • I support ALL students in receiving an equal quality education and funding for public schools.


  • I support Country of Origin labeling and support to our row crop producers.

Climate Change

  • I support a national adaption policy that includes investment in infrastructure, flood mitigation efforts and sustainable farming and communication and collaboration with and the entire community.

Economic Recovery

  • I support bringing jobs back to rural Missouri, fighting for affordable housing and programs that will help homeless veterans. In addition, working to make sure all have access to the internet.


  • Discrimination by any means, shape or form is not acceptable. Every human being deserves to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect. Stop the violence, Stop the Hate!
  • I support CLEAN MO.

Workers’ Rights & Labor

  • I support a federal minimum wage increase and support the minimum wage increase that Missouri voters passed in 2018.
  • I support affordable childcare and the development of a Universal Pre-K option. 

* Please keep practicing social distancing and all measures of safety precautions.  I am a COVID-19 survivor.