We Deserve a Debate

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On October 6th, Dr. Gena Ross strongly voiced her opinion on social media with this Twitter post.

“Sam Graves on behalf of District 6, I publicly challenge you to a debate.  You’ve been served, 10/9/2020.” - Gena Ross on Facebook

​We support our candidate in this request, and we believe that it is something that Missouri’s 6th district voters deserve to see. Debates are integral to our democratic society and to the election process.

Mitchell S. McKinney and Benjamin R. Warner wrote the 2013 study, “Do Presidential Debates Matter? Examining a Decade of Campaign Debate Effects” examining the effects of debates on a campaign. This study was focused on presidential campaigns, but we feel that the findings are applicable to a congressional campaign as well. It is a very informative study with data compiled from over ten years. We urge anyone to read it, but we have summarized the four basic questions that McKinney and Warner answered.



In summary, McKinney and Warner found that debates really do matter. They can change an election. They play an important role to us as voters in our democratic society. As a team, we believe that this study is an appropriate source in proving the impact that debates can have on an election and a campaign. We feel as though candidates for office should be able to debate and stand up firmly and state what they believe in. Also far as our research goes, we have yet to find a MO-6 congressional debate that Representative Sam Graves took part in. The representative also rarely has town halls where his constituents can voice their concerns. We find an issue with this. You should too. Aren’t our elected officials supposed to represent us? How are the decisions he is making in Washington affecting us without knowing how we feel? How can Sam Graves represent MO-6 without talking to us?

Representative Graves, your constituents want a debate and we want it now. If you would like to see a debate between Ross and Graves, join us by tweeting Sam Graves on Twitter and don’t forget to tag us @Ross4Congress.


Source: https://nocountyleftbehind.weebly.com/we-deserve-a-debate

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