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The election has ended, but it is far from over. While swing states scramble to count votes, the whole country is watching with high anticipation. Although the results of the election at the presidential level remain unknown, Missouri’s statewide and local elections are complete.

Sam Graves won reelection to represent Missouri’s 6th in Congress. Gena Ross could be the most perfect candidate to represent Northern Missouri, but at the end of the day, this is a deeply Republican area. According to the New York Times, Graves won 66.8% of the votes, and Ross won 31.1%.

Trump won all 35 counties in Missouri’s 6th district, and the local elections were no different. Missouri voters also elected Republican Governor Mike Parson, passing over Nicole Galloway. Out of the 8 Districts, 6 elected Republicans and 2 elected Democrats. The 2 districts that elected Democratic candidates are the major metropolitan areas of Kansas City and St. Louis.

Missouri also voted YES on Amendment 3 (Dirty Missouri). This amendment passed very narrowly, with 51% of voters voting yes and 49% voting no. This will replace the nonpartisan demographer in charge of drawing districts with a bipartisan committee elected by Governor Parson.

None of the results of Missouri’s state elections were very shocking. We are proud of Gena Ross for putting up her best fight against a Republican incumbent in a red district. In a Tweet yesterday, Ross said that although she lost the race, we should “keep moving forward no matter what because we are better together.” We couldn’t agree more! It has been exciting for us to cover the campaign of a woman who believes not only in herself, but in her community. Gena Ross has so much to offer, and we hope to see her in more leadership positions soon.

Were you surprised by any of the results of this election? If so, we would love to hear about it! Tweet your thoughts to @Ross4Congress.

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