Missouri's 6th Congressional District: Ross and Graves

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — 41 Action News wants to help you make an informed decision during the 2020 General Election on Nov. 3. We reached out to the campaigns for Missouri’s 6th Congressional District candidates. Here’s where Democrat Gena Ross stands on the issues.

Republican Sam Graves’ campaign did not respond to 41 Action News’ requests. We’ve compiled his answers to the best of our abilities based past statements and voting history.


Do you believe wearing masks should be a requirement, recommendation or neither?
Ross: Requirement. “As a COVID-19 Survivor, I take the issue very seriously. You protect yourself and others.”
Graves: 41 Action News believes Sam Graves would answer “neither.” According to KTTN, “Graves believes the decision should be up to the individual, noting there’s a lot of information being presented on whether to wear or mask, or not.”

What role should federal officials play in the response to the COVID- 19 pandemic? Information only, guidelines only, mandatory requirements for businesses but not individuals, mandatory requirements for businesses and individuals (subject to policymaker approval), or none of the above?
Ross: Mandatory requirements for businesses and individuals (subject to policymaker approval)
Graves: 41 Action News believes Sam Graves would answer “information only.” In an audio recording with KTTN, he stated, “Depending on who’s giving the brief, you get different opinions. For instance, does the mask work? Does it not work?” He added, “It’s frustrating that it’s now become a political battle, rather than a battle of information and the unfortunate part is we really don’t know.”

Should locally owned small businesses receive a higher priority for CARES Act funding than publicly traded or multinational corporations?
Ross: Yes. “I believe charity begins at home, take care of small businesses so they don’t fold. People worked hard to build their establishment. They should be helped.”
Graves: Did not answer.

Do you believe Americans should receive a second $1,200 Economic Impact Payment, otherwise known as a stimulus check?
Ross: Yes
Graves: It is unclear whether Sam Graves believes Americans should receive a second $1,200 stimulus check. We found that Graves voted against The HEROES Act, which would provide Americans with a second $1,200 stimulus check; however, the bill also expands the Paycheck Protection Program, eliminates cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatments, and expands paid sick days, family and medical leave, unemployment compensation, nutrition and food assistance programs, housing assistance, and payments to farmers. It is unclear which part of the bill Graves did not support.

Considering the pandemic, do you believe K-12 classrooms should reopen in the fall?
Ross: Yes
Graves: It is unclear how Sam Graves would answer this question. In August, he spoke with school superintendents about a liability shield for school districts that choose to reopen. According to News-Press Now, he said, “For a school to be able to have in-person schooling — which I think is vitally important — or, you know, a hospital seeing patients or whatever the case may be, the bottom line is: They ought to be protected.”

If students return to the classroom in fall 2020, do you believe they should be required to wear masks?
Ross: “Everyone has their own perception and views on things. I would say best practices would be keep everyone safe until this pandemic is under control.”
Graves: Did not answer.



Do you support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act?
Ross: No. “Every human deserves the right to affordable, quality healthcare. It is our right. It’s a matter of life and death for some. It’s a matter of deciding to pay bills for basic needs of life such as rent, mortgage, utilities, or pay for a doctor’s visit or prescription drug to be healthy. Why should people have to go through that? Just help them. Geez.”

Graves: 41 Action News believes Sam Graves would answer “yes.” His website states, “The government’s takeover of our health care system must not be allowed to stand. Not a week goes by without hearing more stories about how the 2,000 page law will cost more than we were told, cover fewer people than we were promised, and significantly increase taxes and fees on average Americans and small businesses. We must repeal this bad piece of legislation and replace it with reforms that will expand coverage while lowering costs.”



Mark the mandates you support. Any mandate left unmarked will indicate you do not support it unless you check “Prefer not to answer.” Some candidates provide additional comment below the chart.

Ross Graves
Must be performed by a licensed physician
Must be performed in a hospital after a specified point in pregnancy
Gestational limits
State funding for abortions when the woman’s life is in danger
State funding for abortions when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest
Coverage by private insurance
Individual health care providers can refuse to participate
Public institutions can refuse to perform abortions
Private or religious institutions can refuse to perform abortions
State-mandated counseling before an abortion
Waiting period between counseling and the procedure
Ban all abortions
Prefer not to answer
Did not provide answers

Ross: “It’s too personal for me to tell another woman what to do with her body. However, education, counseling and adoption should always be available options.”

Read full interview here: https://www.kshb.com/news/election-2020/missouris-6th-congressional-district-ross-and-graves

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